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  • Data USA implements a “similarity” measure to suggest potentially relevant universities for comparison purposes. When users view a particular university profile, data for “similar” universities are automatically shown to provide additional context for the data and visualizations that users see. We measure similarity between universities is by analyzing relationships in admissions criteria (admission rates and SAT scores) alongside patterns in the relative concentration of graduates in particular areas of study.

    To calculate the similarity metric, we segment universities into groups based on their parent Anatomia derby shoes Grey Officine Creative VIWvs
    group. For every university in the same Carnegie group, we calculate the number of degree completions across the 2-digit Stripe TShirt Midi Dress Stripe Warehouse yQpng
    (CIP) Codes. We then compute the logarithm of the Sneakers for Women On Sale Plum Glitter 2017 25 35 45 55 75 85 Philippe Model Glitter Plum Sneakers for Women On Sale nKT7OnT
    (RCA) for the course competitions for each school. Next, we join in data on admission rates and total SAT scores for the school’s 75th percentile. Then, we take the log RCAs values alongside the admissions and test data and feed it through a dimensionality reduction process known as 31 Phillip Lim Woman Embroidered Cottonpoplin Mini Dress White Size 6 31 Phillip Lim evQz3
    . The metric for the t-SNE process is defined as the squared weighted euclidean distance between two university vectors. The weights are assigned as follows: Each of the 38 CIP codes have a combined overall weight of approximately 45%, while the admission rate and SAT scores comprise the remaining 55%. The result of the t-SNE process is a projection from the 40-dimensional vector to a two-dimensional vector where the most similar universities are those with the shortest distance.

    Data from the Dartmouth Atlas reports only two racial categories: black and non-black. Separate analyses of the Hispanic population are challenging because fewer than half of self-designated Hispanics are coded as such in the Medicare data, Hispanics constitute less than 6% of the elderly population (as counted by the U.S. Census), and they are highly clustered in a few communities, making it difficult to compare communities and regions. Although racial designation for Asians and American Indians is more accurate, their small numbers (less than 3%) also limit the precision of race-specific analyses. At the same time, excluding any of these populations from the regional comparisons in this report was judged to be undesirable. We therefore restricted the analyses in the current report to blacks and non-blacks, and, for ease of exposition, we refer to the non-black population as white. These challenges, and the future growth of the Hispanic population, underscore the importance of improving the coding of race and ethnicity.

    See pages 4-5 of Brown Suede Beya Loafers Nicholas Kirkwood 7HMSs
    for more details.

    The Data USA platform Includes data on all 50 US states as well as Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.

    I don’t have experience with injections, so I can’t recommend a pharmacy. But freddd (on the Active B12 thread at has one or two suggestions for compounding pharmacies.

    If you need B12 in the mean time, I’ve had good results with Enzymatic Therapy B12 taken sub-lingually (?). They’re available at lots of mail-order sources.

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    Graham says

    I am a vegetarian and have for the last two years become increasingly fatigued, had numbness/tingling in my hands and feet, unable to concentrate, difficulty walking from exhaustion and my legs would drop slightly giving me a funny gait.

    Despite intensive blood work, they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I accidently took 10 of my wife’s B12 tablets thinking they were Vitamin D tablets. I was great all day, it was only when I went to take them the next day I discovered my error. My wife looked up B12 defficiency and found your site.

    It has been a week now and I am feeling better each day, but can I be checked for deficiency while I am taking 6000+ units a day? Will it cause me any challenge? I haven’t been back to my doctor as I am so angry, they knew I was vegetarian and I had all the symptoms, as did the specialist internist.

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    Graham…just speaking from my experience I was taking 20,000 units of B-12 in tablet (Zipmelt) form per day (4 tablets) and when I was tested for B-12 my levels were off the chart but it wasn’t being used by my body and I felt no improvement. When I finally got my doctor to approve B-12 shots…wow…what a difference. I was amazed. I had increased muscle strength and endurance and all my symptoms vanished. I had been B-12 deficient for years and didn’t know it. But only the shots were effective for me.

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    Thanks robsct, I have increased my intake to 10,000 a day but I am still having symptoms. My doctor refused to give me shots as my initial reaction to taking the tablets indicated to him that tablets were sufficient. My B12 level was 455, but I had only been off the tablets for 2 days. That was as long as I could handle as my neuralogical symptoms and fatigue returned very quickly.


    @Graham – The test will be skewed by the B12 you are taking. You have to stop taking it for a long time (days or weeks) before your blood level returns to its previous level. OTOH, there are no negatives to taking more B12 than you need.

    FYI – Sub-lingual is more effective than any pill you swallow. And all “methyl B12” are not the same. For more info and suggestions, Google for “active B12 protocol”.

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    Director: John Shervais, Professor Department of Geology E-mail: Phone: 435-797-1247 Office: Geology 217

    Manager: FenAnn Shen, PhD Office of Research and Graduate Studies E-mail: Chuck Taylor High Top Sneakers Comme Des Garons LOo04E0
    Phone: 435-797-8560 Office: SER 005

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